Desmond Ong

Investor | Digital Marketing Expert | Author

Desmond Ong is one of the top digital marketing expert & advisor in the field. Famous for his work in his programs & trainings, he has transformed & helped thousands of entrepreneurs globally.


How can I help you

Digital Marketing Advisory & Consultations

Need help with digital marketing, paid advertising & digital transformation? With over a decade of experiences under Desmond’s belt, Desmond can be the advisor to your online venture.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Want to sell your business or are you looking to outsource your business backends to professionals? With corporate finance and M&A expert on our team, we can help you bring the most values of your business & prepare for the highest valuation exit.

Investments & Capital Raise

Need help with capital raise & funding? Our group of investors are interested in acquisitions of shareholding in small businesses. If you are an established business owner with existing revenue, we can help you raise funds for your ventures.



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