One of the questions that my subscribers, followers and students often ask me is, “Desmond, can you give us a step by step blueprint to six figures?”.

This is something that I usually cover in my seminar classes:

conducting seminar in singapore

But because I have students from all over the world, I did a private, closed-door webinar with my new students very recently.

Some of the students who attended the webinar was very happy with the content on the class, so they asked me to share it will the people who were missed out on the online training webinar.

Initially, I was hesitant because I think it’s very unfair to the people who attended the webinar, but because the content is so good, we decided to share this webinar training for a very limited time.

(And if you think this is good, do me a big favor and share this with your friends. You might just change their lives. This will motivate me to do more live trainings.)


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